State Bar of Montana

State Bar of Montana's

Past Presidents Committee


1.    To select the recipients of the William J. Jameson and the Haswell awards.
2.    To identify, develop and train leadership in the Bar.
3.    To assist and serve the President of the State Bar with advice as requested and with projects as delegated.
4.    To select the George L. Bousliman Professionalism Award.
5.    To gather proposed resolutions and prepare them in final form to be presented at the Annual Meeting in accordance  with the By-Laws.




Pamela Bailey, Billings


Shane Vannatta, Missoula
Joseph Sullivan, Great Falls
Cynthia Smith, Missoula
Chris Tweeten, Helena
John Schulte, Missoula
Peggy Probasco, Butte

Non-Voting Members

1975-76 Marshall H. Murray
1978-79 Theodore K. Thompson
1982-83 Ward A. Shanahan
1984-85 Douglas A. Wold
1986-87 Terry N. Trieweiler
1987-88 John A. Warner
1988-89 Max A. Hansen
1989-90 Gary L. Spaeth
1990-91 Damon L. Gannett
1991-92 James W. Johnson
1992-93 Sherry S. Matteucci
1993-94 Robert M. Carlson
1994-95 Robert J. Phillips
1995-96 Gary L. Day
1996-97 Donald D. MacIntyre
1997-98 Martha Sheehy
1998-99 Brent M. Cromley
1999-00 Edward C. Bartlett
2000-01 Molly M. Shepherd
2001-02 Donald R. Murray
2002-03 Andrew P. Suenram
2003-04 Robert J. Sullivan
2004-05 Keith Maristuen
2005-06 Bernard F. McCarthy

Contact Information

Chris Manos, State Bar of Montana
(406) 447-2203



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