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Lawyer Assistance Program


The Montana Lawyer Assistance Program exists to protect the interests of clients and the general public from harm caused by impaired lawyers or judges, by confidentially assisting impaired members of the profession to begin and continue recovery, and to educate the bench, the bar and the public to the causes of and remedies for impairments affecting members of the legal profession.

Resources for Montana Attorneys

  • Helpline - Confidential, toll free 24-hour a day, every day HELPLINE 1-888-385-9119 or 406-660-1181
  • Lawyers Helping Lawyers Network
  • Guidance and referral - for the impaired member of the legal community or their friend, associate or spouse or family member. Information on alcohol/drug or mental health treatment programs, interventions and family or friend support. Suggestions for appropriate treatment options. General education on mental health and chemical dependency issues for the legal community. We use the term legal community in all our references. The program is designed to provide help and education to lawyers, judges, paralegals, law students and faculty, and their families.
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Illness (SAMI) CLE - to hold a program for local bar associations and others in the legal community contact Mike Larson at 1-888-385-9119. Read information on reporting of ethics and SAMI credits.

Program Support Groups

  • Billings: Every Thursday at Noon  - GW Building
    call Joe Hardgrave for details (406) 839-4397

  • Missoula: First Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m., Pope Room of the University of Montana School of Law.

Where to Volunteer

Become a part of the Montana Lawyer Assistance Program's statewide network. Network members will attend general education workshops. To join the network, call Mike Larson at 1-888-385-9119.




Hotline Counselor

Mike Larson 1-888-385-9119 or
(406) 660-1181

The Committee

Jessica Polan, Kalispell

Peggy Probasco, Butte


Matt Erekson, Missoula

Joe Hardgrave, Billings
Dee Pohlman, Butte

Did You Know?

Studies over the past ten years have found that lawyers experience a much higher rate of depression, chemical dependency and other psychological, behaviorial and physical symptoms that may be related to the stress of practicing law. A Johns Hopkins University study ranked lawyers No. 1 on the list of occupations prone to depression.
     A similar study found that 18% of lawyers were problem drinkers compared to 10% in the general population.
     The professional stresses that our community members may be subject to can negatively impact on their health, personal and family lives, professional work and the reputation of the discipline within their own communities.


The Montana Lawyer Assistance Program is independent from any disciplinary organization and does not police, report, discipline or otherwise threaten the career of an attorney or judge. By order of the Montana Supreme Court (Order No. 85-96), the names of persons seeking assistance under this program shall be confidential.





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