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Why do people call the LRIS?

Most people don’t know who to call and the State Bar is recognized as a trusted source for referrals. Your participation assures the public that they will receive a referral to a capable, experienced Montana attorney and rewards you professionally at the same time.

The LRIS is not a pro bono or reduced fee program!

Potential clients are advised that we do not provide pro bono or reduced fee services and that participating attorneys independently set their own fees. We do the advertising - you charge a fee for your work. The benefits from participating in the LRIS are almost identical to those some attorneys pay thousands for!

How does the LRIS work?

The LRIS is staffed by an experienced paralegal and other trained staff. Calls coming into the LRIS represent every segment of society with every type of legal issue imaginable.  Many of the calls we receive are from out of State or even out of the country, looking for a Montana attorney.  When a call comes into the LRIS line, the caller is asked about the nature of the problem or issue.  Many callers “just have a question” or “don’t have any money to pay an attorney”.  As often as possible, we try to help people find the answers to their questions or direct them to another resource for assistance.  If an attorney is needed, they are provided with the name and phone number of an attorney based on location and area of practice.   It is then up to the caller to contact the attorney referred to schedule an initial consultation.

It can increase your business

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) is a national program of the ABA that exists in some form in every State in the nation.  The Montana LRIS fields thousands of calls per year and makes thousands of referrals to participating attorneys in their practicing fields of law throughout the State. It’s a great way to increase your client base and an efficient way to market your services!

It’s inexpensive

The yearly cost to join the LRIS is minimal: free to attorneys their first year in practice, $125 for attorneys in practice for less than five years, and $200 for those in practice longer than five years.  Best of all, unlike most referral programs, Montana LRIS doesn’t require that you share a percentage of your fees generated from the referrals!

You don’t have to take the case

If you are unable, or not interested in taking a case, just let the prospective client know. The LRIS can refer the client to another attorney.

You pick your areas of law

The LRIS will only refer prospective clients in the areas of law that you register for. No cold calls from prospective clients seeking help in areas that you do not handle.

It’s easy to join

Membership of the LRIS is open to any active member of the State Bar of Montana in good standing who maintains a lawyers’ professional liability insurance policy. To join the service simply fill out the Membership Application and forward to the State Bar office. You pay the registration fee and the LRIS will handle the rest. If you have questions or would like more information, call Kathie Lynch at (406) 447-2210 or email Kathie is happy to better explain the program and answer any questions you may have.  We’d also be happy to come speak to your office staff, local Bar or organization about LRIS or the Modest Means Program. 

"Our law firm has been an active member of the MLRS for at least 13 years.  Each attorney registers with the MLRS, selecting the areas of practice they would like to address.  Attorneys receive calls directly and either take the matter on, pass it to another attorney in the firm, or refer the caller out. We find that not all matters can be addressed by our firm, but those that can add to the firm’s success.”    ~ Milodragovich, Dale, Steinbrenner & Nygren, P.C.

See our LRIS Brochure for more information ...



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