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In an effort to foster professionalism among Montana attorneys, the Committee will:

  1. Incorporate the concepts of access to justice and Rules 6.1 and 6.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct into its programs, including the New Lawyers' Workshop, the "Road Show" and seminars at the annual meeting.
  2. Continue its Professionalism CLE seminar at the Annual Meeting of the State Bar, and conduct professionalism seminars throughout the state, including the spring "Road Show", as a means of revitalizing local bar associations.
  3. Emphasize the professionalism/competency of newly admitted lawyers and coordinate with the University of Montana School of Law.
  4. Work with the Ethics Committee to educate members about changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct.


New Lawyers' Workshop

The New Lawyers' Workshop brings together new lawyers and more experienced practitioners and judges in small groups to discuss the practical aspects of law practice. The structure is designed to allow frank discussion on issues that generally cause concern in law practice. Montana's most respected lawyers and judges - including trial court judges and Supreme Court justices - serve as volunteer faculty.



Peggy Probasco, Butte


Pam Bailey, Billings
Martin Burke, Missoula
Alanah Griffith, Bozeman
Tanis Holm, Billings
Jesse Laslovich, Helena
Doug Marshall, Bozeman
Ross McLinden, Billings
John J. Mudd, Missoula
Donald R. Murray, Kalispell
Merle Raph, Shelby
Marybeth Sampsel, Kalispell
P. Mars Scott, Missoula
Thomas Singer, Billings
Cynthia Smith, Missoula

Joseph Sullivan, Great Falls
Shane Vannatta, Missoula

Roberta Zenker, Helena

CLE Institute Liaison

Susan Gobbs, Helena

Board of Trustees Liaison

Ross McLinden
(406) 248-7731

Contact Information

Betsy Brandborg, State Bar of Montana
(406) 447-2205




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