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Book Review: The 2018 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

Wednesday, April 11, 2018   (0 Comments)
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The 2018 Solo and Small Firm
Legal Technology Guide
By Sharon Nelson, Esq., John
Simek and Michael C. Maschke
178 pages, 22 chapters

Davis, Hatley, Haffeman & Tighe PC

This book is largely what you’d hope to find if you were searching for a guide to assist you in upgrading the technology in your small to mid-sized practice. While the guide covers topics that range from simple to complex, it does so in a way that caters to the demographic you’d expect to need a technology guide the most. If nothing else, it provides less tech-savvy attorneys with clear and concise information about the essentials of a modern practice. It tells you what you need, why you need it, and the pros and cons of your various options. It is that sort of concise, digestible breakdown that is so often missing in similar “technology guides.”

Topics discussed range from simpler topics like printers and computers, to more complex topics like networking hardware and software security. However, what separates this guide from
the others is its concise and digestible breakdowns of the topics, regardless of their complexity.
While there are some topics that may have been covered more thoroughly than necessary (such as the pros and cons of the various operating systems), the 2018 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide generally provides attorneys with the information they need to upgrade their small to mid-sized firm, and touches on other upcoming technological trends to give a glimpse into the future.

Technology is ever-evolving, and technology guides can often be outdated before they make it to print. But this guide should maintain relevance for much longer than the typical guide, as it covers a broad range of topics in a way that is very useful and narrowly-tailored to a specific industry and demographic. Complex topics explained in bite-sized chunks. If you are an attorney who wants to upgrade the technology in your firm but are unsure of the pros and cons of your various options, this is the guide you need.

The book is available through the ABA website store. State Bar of Montana members are eligible for a 15 percent discount by using the code MTBAR.