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The purpose of the section is to:

(a) Provide a forum for Montana attorneys and eligible non-attorneys to discuss significant, specific and general developments in legislative, administrative and judicial fields affecting aspects of their practice involving Dispute Resolution;
(b) Provide opportunity for scrutiny, discussion and review of administrative agencies' powers, affairs, practices and procedures, including rules and rule making, policy making, enforcement and adjudicatory functions;
(c) Contribute to the continuing education of the attorney who practices in this field;
(d) Encourage publication of legal writings on Dispute Resolution questions among the members of the Association;
(e) Assist members of the legal profession and the public in the understanding of laws, regulations, and court decisions dealing with legal issues involving Dispute Resolution;
(f) Foster relationships between members of the profession working with various Dispute Resolution methods (i.e., Arbitration, Mediation, Mini-Trial, Settlement Conference, Etc.); and
(g) Support the mission, vision, and goals of the Bar.