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Citizens' Law School Recorded Programs

Citizens Law School Recordings

Fall 2023 Programming

Episode 1

Artificial Intelligence & the Law: Professor Anna Conley of the University of Montana Blewett School of Law discusses the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence. Her talk discusses the full scope of what AI entails, as well as touching on the advantages and the dangers of using generative AI applications. Originally aired Oct. 11, 2023.

 CITIZENS' LAW SCHOOL: Artificial Intelligence & the Law

Episode 4

Know Your Rights - Montana Constitution: The Honorable Anthony Johnstone, U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, discusses the Bill of Rights contained in the Montana Constitution. Originally aired Nov. 1, 2023.

Know Your Rights - Montana Constitution


Episode 2

Day in the Life of a Montana Lawyer & Judge: The Honorable Luke Berger of Montana's Fifth Judicial District joins David Steele, Past President of the State Bar of Montana for a peek into what happens in a typical day for lawyers and judges in Montana. Hint: it's nothing like what you see on TV. Originally aired Oct. 18, 2023.

CITIZENS' LAW SCHOOL: Day in the Life of a Montana Lawyer & Judge

Episode 5

Water, Property and Public Lands: Hertha Lund of Lund Law in Bozeman discusses Water, Property and Public Land Law. Learn more about this important area of the law that is so crucial to many Montanans' way of life.  Recording coming soon. Originally aired Nov. 8, 2023.

 CITIZENS' LAW SCHOOL: Water, Property & Public Land

Episode 3

Employment Law: Amy Christenson of Christenson Prezeau law firm in Helena discusses what you should know about Employment Law in Montana. Amy touches on the key components of Montana's Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act , as well as How to Manage Employee Performance. Originally aired Oct. 29, 2023.

Employment Law in Montana

Episode 6

Criminal Law: Brian Smith of the Montana Office of the Public Defender is joined by Ed Hirsch of the Montana Attorney General's Office to discuss how the criminal justice system works from the perspective of the prosecution and the defense, followed by a lively audience question and answer session.Originally aired Nov. 15, 2023.

Criminal Law

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