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All current State Bar attorney members, judges and paralegal section members have an established account.

The State Bar of Montana does not allow non-member access. If you have an inquiry about this site please call (406) 442-7660 or email


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  • Pay Dues
  • Complete Your IOLTA Trust Account Certification
  • Report Pro Bono Hours
  • Look Up Other Attorney Members
  • Access Fastcase


By default usernames are set up as first and last name with no space in between and are not case sensitive. Members have the ability once logged in to change their username from the default. If the system is unable to recognize yours please contact the State Bar.


If you have never logged in to the website you will need to set up a password. To set up OR if you’re a previous user and forgot yours click on “Forgot your password link” from the homepage or on the “Click here to reset your password” link within the Sign In area. You will be sent an email containing a reset link. Please note: 1) You MUST use the email associated with your profile; and 2) For security purposes, the link in a password reset email expires 24 hours from the time you requested it. If you do not reset your password within 24 hours, the link will expire. 


I didn’t receive the password reset email.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes
  • Check your spam/junk folder
  • Check with your IT staff to ensure that emails from are added to your email whitelist
  • Refresh your inbox
  • Did your email change? You MUST use the email address associated with your profile. 
It doesn’t recognize my username.
  • Make sure there are no spaces in your username
  • If your first or last name has changed, try using your previous name
  • Did you change your username during a previous login?
  • Do you have a name that matches another member (i.e. John Smith)? Try including your middle initial
My username is correct and I’ve updated my password but I’m still having trouble.

  • Refresh your browser (hit F5 key)
  • Exit your browser and try again
  • Clear your browsing history and/or cache
  • Make sure your number lock key is on
  • Check your firewall settings (be sure is listed as a trusted site)

If you are paying dues or completing Trust Account Certifications for multiple attorneys, please use your internet browser's inPrivate or Incognito mode and closing the browser window after each attorney is complete.