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Important Information

  • We are no longer accepting mailed or emailed applications. All applications must be completed through our online Provider Portal.
  • The application fee is $60.00. Payment is now located at the bottom of the online application.
  • Please report all course attendance through our online Provider Portal within 60 days of the attendance date.
  • Montana's reporting year runs from April 1st through March 31st each year.

MCLE Provider Portal Instructions

If you are a course provider and already have an account, log into our new Provider Portal to submit CLE course accreditation applications and report course attendance for already approved CLE courses.

If you are an existing provider, to access the Provider Portal you will need to log into your user account, which is tied to the same email you used when purchasing the application fee from the State Bar of Montana’s store. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password” button and follow the instructions to get a link to reset your account password. 

If you do not yet have a user account, use the new provider lookup page to search for your organization and create a new Provider User Account that is tied to your organization. If you are an attorney and need to access to the provider portal for your law firm, local bar association, or some other organization, please contact

Once logged into your account, the Provider Portal button is located on the left-hand side menu. This portal is only accessible by personnel associated with CLE Provider organizations. Contact if you need assistance accessing the portal.

Submitting a New Application

Once in the Provider Portal, click on the green New Application button that will take you to our online application form.


With the application, you will be required to upload the following individual documents: timed schedule/agenda, faculty description, and detailed course description.


The bottom of the application contains a section to input payment and billing information to pay the $60.00 application fee. We accept credit card or ACH payment. Application will not be processed without payment.

Submitting CLE Course Attendance

Please note: the CLE course must be approved and the course date must be in the past in order to submit attendance.

Once logged into the Provider Portal, search for the CLE course name in the Course Information box. You can search by any part of the course name. The list will sort in descending order, with the newest date on top. When you find the correct course, click on the VIEW/EDIT button. This will take you to the course’s attendance submission page. Follow the instructions on that page to either add attendance manually per attendee or upload an attendance list, using the example csv file linked in the instructions.

If you need further assistance, please email