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Provider FAQs

You can access the application for accreditation on your Provider Portal by logging into your account, here.

The application fee is $60.00 per application.

The application fee is at the bottom of the application for accreditation through your Provider Portal.

No, it is not required to submit the application for program accreditation before the program takes place. We do ask that you submit an application for program accreditation within 60 days of the program taking place.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for program applications to be reviewed for CLE accreditation.

Montana is 60-minute state. This means that in Montana one CLE credit is earned for every 60 minutes of instruction time. Introductory remarks, breaks and luncheon speeches do not qualify for CLE credit.

No, providers are not required to do so but we ask that they do so as a courtesy to the attorneys who chose to attend their CLE program.

Attendance can be reported through your Provider Portal.

We ask that you report attendance within 60 days of the conclusion of the program.