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Electronic Balloting

The State Bar of Montana uses an online election system. Eligible voters will receive an email with voting instructions in May. If you are an eligible voter and did not receive the instructions, you may email to request instructions to be sent again. 

Positions on 2022 ballot

The State Bar will elect a President-Elect; ABA State Bar Delegate; and Trustees from the following bar areas:

-- One Trustee from Area A (Flathead and Lincoln counties);
-- Three Trustees from Area B (Lake, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, and Sanders counties); 
-- One Trustees from Area C (Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Granite, Jefferson, Madison, Powell, and Silver Bow counties)
-- Two Trustees from Area D (Cascade, Glacier, Pondera, Teton and Toole counties)
-- Two Trustees from Area G (Gallatin, Park and Sweet Grass counties)

2022 Candidates


Stuart Segrest

Area A Trustee

Randy Snyder

Area B Trustee

Erica Grinde

Beth Hayes

Greg Overstreet

Area C Trustee

No candidate(s) filed.

Area D Trustee

Samir Aarab

Claire Lettow

Area G Trustee

Sherine Blackford

Matthew Haus

State Bar Delegate to the ABA

Tucker Gannett


Position Descriptions

Board of Trustee (2-year term)

The duties of each Trustee are:

1. To attend each Board meeting, unless excused by the President for good cause.
2. To attend the annual meeting.
3. To actively participate on all committees of which he or she is a member.
4. To regularly attend the meetings of local bar associations within the Trustee’s area and provide reports about State Bar activities to the local bar members.
5. To actively encourage and sponsor formation of local bar associations within the Trustee’s area and serve as a voting member on the local bar association’s governing board (where permitted)
6. To serve as a liaison on the committees or sections to which the Trustee has been appointed by the President. The Trustee will:

-- serve as a voting member of the committee or section and encourage the committee or section to attain the objectives assigned by the Board;
-- attend meetings of the committee or section; and
-- report on the committee or section activities at quarterly meetings of the Board.

6. To accomplish such other purposes as may from time to time be appropriate.

President-Elect (1-year term as President; serves on Executive Committee for 3 years)

The President-Elect is a member-at-large of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee; and performs all other duties assigned by the President or Board of Trustees.  Before assuming the office of president, the President-Elect must present to the Board of Trustees for its consideration a proposed plan of State Bar goals and objectives for the succeeding year. The Immediate Past President is a member of the Executive Committee.  Responsibilities include: (1) organizing the local bar leadership conference; (2) chairing the Past Presidents Committee; (3) serves as a liaison with out of state Bar members; (4) performs other duties as assigned by the State Bar President or Board of Trustees.

State Bar Delegate to the ABA (2-year term)

Any voting member who is a resident of Montana may be nominated as a candidate for delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association by a petition signed by not less than twenty-five active members. 

Voting and Eligibility

Voting members are active, active military service and judicial members except Supreme Court justices. Only voting members may hold office or vote in any election conducted by the State Bar. [By-laws of the State Bar of Montana, Article I, §3(c)]

A voting member is eligible to vote only in the area in which the member resides. A voting member may represent an area only if the member both resides in the area and either maintains a law practice or serves as a judicial officer in the area. [By-laws of the State Bar of Montana, Article III, §2(a)]

Election Calendar/Deadlines

April 4 – Filing deadline for original nomination petitions - download the form below

May 2 – Online voting begins

May 23 – Online voting period ends

June 3 – Votes tabulated


Nomination Petition Form