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Candidate Statement for Beth Hayes, Area B Trustee

My name is Beth Hayes. I’m a 2009 graduate of the University of Montana School of Law, and a staff attorney with Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA). Over my ten years with MLSA, I have proudly represented low-income Montanans facing housing and consumer legal issues.

When I was first sworn in to the State Bar of Montana, I mostly watched from the sidelines. I began service on the State Bar CLE Institute in 2011. My service on the CLE Institute provides a deeper understanding of the State Bar’s mission, membership, and budget. Serving on the CLE Institute has instilled in me a true appreciation for the hard work of State Bar staff and volunteers to provide its members with exceptional value. Having a seat at the CLE Institute table gives me first-hand knowledge of the benefits of my dues. Being a part of a team behind the scenes that examines the data and critical feedback in planning and implementing these CLEs has fostered my desire to grow my involvement with the State Bar.

My daily interaction with MLSA clients reminds me of the importance of every lawyer’s role in helping the public understand our judicial system, and the ongoing challenges low-income Montanans experience as they access that system.

I welcome the opportunity to help the State Bar lead our profession into the future, and to help the public understand the importance of our profession and the rule of law.  Thank you.

Beth Hayes