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Problems With a Lawyer

A number of resources are available to members of the public who have a complaint about or a dispute with their attorney.

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is part of a comprehensive lawyer regulation system established by the Montana Supreme Court. The office investigates and prosecutes complaints against lawyers that are within the jurisdiction of the court. ODC has the authority to investigate:

  • All matters involving possible misconduct;
  • All matters involving possible attorney disability;
  • Prosecution of attorney disciplinary and disability proceedings;
  • Overdraft notifications of escrow accounts;
  • Petitions for reinstatement.

Theft of client funds

The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection is designed to promote public confidence in the administration of justice and the integrity of the legal profession. The fund reimburses losses caused by the Dishonest Conduct of Lawyers admitted and licensed to practice law in the courts of Montana.

Disputes over attorney fees

Fee Arbitration: The Supreme Court of Montana encourages the informal resolution of fee disputes between lawyers who practice law in Montana and their clients. In the event that informal resolution cannot be achieved, the Supreme Court has established a program for the arbitration of disputes concerning any fees and costs paid, charged, or claimed for professional services by lawyers.

Unauthorized practice of law

Only attorneys licensed and admitted to practice law in the State of Montana may practice law in Montana. Click here for more information on what constitutes unauthorized practice of law and how to file a complaint.