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Justice Initiatives Committee
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Justice Initiatives Committee (JIC)

This page is for information and general items of interest for Bar members and the public. If you are a member of the JIC Committee please sign in to access the group page (under private groups)

 Nominations Open Now! 

Neil Haight Pro Bono Award

The Neil Haight Pro Bono Award recognizes a person who exemplifies Neil’s legacy of providing outstanding legal services to Montanans living in poverty.  The nominee is a lawyer, other individual or organization which has provided pro bono services to those in need in Montana.  While the nominee may be a lawyer who has provided direct pro bono legal representation, he or she may also be a court employee, paralegal, psychologist, or social worker who has provided pro bono services in aid of direct pro bono legal representation in Montana.

Click here for the Neil Haight Nomination Form

Karla Gray Equal Justice Award

The annual award honors a judge who has demonstrated dedication to improving access to Montana courts.  

•  Consideration for this prestigious award will be given to nominees who demonstrate this dedication and commitment with a combination of some or all of the below:

•  Personally done noteworthy and/or considerable work improving access of all individuals,  regardless of income, to the Montana court system.

•  Instrumental in local Access to Justice  efforts, including program development, cooperative efforts between programs, and support for community  outreach efforts to improve understanding of and access to the courts.

•  Active support of citizen involvement in the judicial system.

•  Active support and commitment to increasing involvement of volunteer attorneys in representing the indigent and those of limited means.

Click here for the Karla Gray Nomination Form

Hot Off the Press: Montana's Gaps and Barriers Study

Modest Means:

Would you like to boost your income while serving low and moderate income Montanans?

Modest Means is a reduced fee civil representation program.  When Montana Legal Services is unable to serve a client due to a conflict of interest, lack of available assistance or client income is slightly above Montana Legal Services Association guidelines, they refer that person to the State Bar. 

What are the benefits of joining Modest Means?  

You are covered by the Montana Legal Services malpractice insurance,  will receive recognition in the Montana Lawyer and, when you spend 50 hours on Modest Means and/or Pro Bono work, notify us to receive a free CLE certificate entitling you to attend any State Bar sponsored CLE.  State Bar Bookstore Law Manuals are available to you at a discount and attorney mentors can be provided.

Want to apply for Modest Means? Have any questions?


Andrew Martinez: (406) 442-7660 ext. 2215 or email

Ann Goldes-Sheahan: (406) 447-2201 or email

Want to refer clients to Modest Means?

Client Referrals to Modest Means are financially screened by Montana Legal Services Association.

Contact the Committee:

  • Brandi Ries, Chair
(406) 541-4141
Rubin and Ries Law Offices, PLLC
P.O. Box 8364
Missoula, MT 59807

  • Ann Goldes, Bar Staff
(406) 447-2201






JIC Orders, Petitions & Reports

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Order re Pro Bono Service Proposal PDF (77.68 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Order re Proposal Pro Bono Admission requirement PDF (1.03 MB) Administration 7/31/2014
2011 Access to Justice report to MT Supreme Court PDF (22.34 MB)  more ] Administration 2/26/2014
2011 Access to Justice Report to MT Supreme Court PDF (5.76 MB)  more ] Administration 2/26/2014
Order re Access to Justice Commission Creation PDF (119.1 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Access to Justice Petition PDF (410.05 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Appendix A to Access to Justice Petition PDF (14.25 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Appendix B to Access to Justice Petition PDF (1.49 MB) Administration 2/26/2014
Appendix C to Access to Justice Petition PDF (159.14 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
2011 Pro Bono Report & Summary PDF (171.63 KB) Administration 2/26/2014

JIC Other Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Appellate Pro Bono Program Attorney Registration Link Administration 2/26/2014
Court Program Update - Winter 2013 PDF (323.77 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Lynaugh Pro Bono nomination 2013 PDF (480.33 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Baker Karla Gray Nomination 2013 PDF (1.53 MB) Administration 2/26/2014
Pro Bono Mentoring Program Survey Link Administration 2/26/2014
Pro Bono FAQs PDF (223.15 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Creating a Law Firm Pro Bono Policy Link Administration 2/26/2014
Pro Bono Policy Tool Kit PDF (448.67 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Power Point Explaining Pro Bono PDF (880.29 KB) Administration 7/31/2014
Model Pro Bono Policy for Law Firms PDF (12.76 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Neil Haight Pro Bono Award Criteria PDF (11.02 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Support Montana's Court Help Program article PDF (15.77 KB) Administration 2/26/2014

JIC Veterans Survey

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Survey Assessment PDF (460.73 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Survey Assessment, executive summary PDF (140.21 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
Presi Link Administration 2/26/2014
Flyer PDF (764.11 KB) Administration 2/26/2014
DRAFT Legal Guide PDF (1.96 MB) Administration 2/26/2014