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The Law-Related Education Committee of the State Bar of Montana provides public information and education on the importance of the rule of law in a civilized society, the legal rights and responsibilities of an individual, and the workings of the legal system.
The committee created and maintains the Law-Related Education Center to:
·        Coordinate law-related education events such as Law Day.
·         Produce original educational materials to inform Montanans about the legal system.
·         Make law-related education curriculum materials and other teaching resources available to educators.
·         Facilitate educational outreach by legal professionals who wish to improve Montanans’ understanding of the rule of law, the role of attorneys and the judiciary.
·         Distribute educational materials and disseminate information about law-related education activities and opportunities through the State Bar.
·         Appear, when possible, at state and local education association meetings and conventions to promote the concept of law-related education.
·         Support youth programs and other civil/legal education activities.
·         Foster statewide cooperation among all those involved in law-related education.


The Law-Related Education Center has produced a few of its own materials for distribution:


  • The Montana Student’s Guide to Turning 18 - The Guide to Turning 18 discusses the legal aspects of different subjects that could be approached by a person after they turn 18. Some subjects the book provides insight on are: Getting Arrested and the Criminal Court, Consumer Protection, Taxes, Housing, Driving Under the Influence, Tribal Laws, and Voting, just to name a few.
  • Personal Finance for Veterans- The goal of this guide is to help explain personal finance law and to help veterans and their families identify resources within the law and their communities to help them straighten out their finances and
    smoothly transition back to civilian life.
  • The Montana Citizen’s Guide to the Courts - The Guide to the Courts provides insight into the Judicial system, from the local courts to the U.S. Supreme Court, including tribal courts, water courts, bankruptcy courts, and information on attorneys, judges, and Montana’s Self-Help Law Program.
All of our publications can be sent to you in paper or CD-ROM format for a nominal cost. They can also be downloaded in .pdf format for free using the links above.

Speakers Bureau

Bringing lawyers, judges and other law professionals into Montana's classrooms.

If you are planning an event or are looking for a law-related speaker for your community event or classroom, we can help you find the right person for your organization. No matter where you live in Montana, we can serve as a bridge between you and the attorney. We provide unique educational opportunities for all of Montanans.

To have a law professional make a presentation to your classroom or civic group, free of charge, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: Judges, lawyers, and other law professionals who would like to join the ranks of those who have already volunteered to serve as speakers, call or email us. Please know that all Speakers Bureau volunteers' names will be kept private. By signing up to volunteer as a classroom speaker, you consent to being contacted from time to time by the Law-Related Education Center with an invitation to appear at a school convenient to you. Please know that at no time will your name or contact information be published for general viewing or given directly to schools or other groups prior to your agreeing to accept a particular invitation.

Lesson Materials

We believe it is very important for the citizens of Montana to be educated on the workings of their government, especially the judicial branch.
We provide free resources from a library of materials we have either developed or collected throughout Montana and across the country. The library consists of pamphlets, DVDs, textbooks, and PDFs of many materials you might be looking for.

The links below catalog multiple lesson plans for each of the indicated age groups. These particular lessons come from many different national law-related education focused organizations. The links provided are by no means the only lesson materials available for a particular age group or concerning any one particular subject. The lessons linked here were selected for quality, diversity of subject area, and for ease of use by teachers and volunteers. If you would like assistance in finding classroom materials not listed in the categories below, or if you know of web-based materials that would make a nice addition to this collection, please contact the Law-Related Education Center.

    Collected Lessons for Grades 4-6

     Collected Lessons for Grades 7-9

   Collected Lessons for High Schools  

   Pre-Prepared Mock Trials

   * Due Process: Yertle the Turtle Mock Trial (Grades 4-6)


 Our purpose:

To help teach Montanans how the legal system works, the roles of lawyers and judges, and the importance of jury duty.

To provide access to law-related curriculum materials to Montana teachers, lawyers, judges and other community leaders for presentation to classrooms and civic groups.

To provide local lawyers and judges as speakers on law-related topics.

To foster statewide cooperation among all people involved in law-related education.

To coordinate law-related education events such as Law Day and Constitution Day, among others.


The Committee:
Brenda Wahler (Chair), Helena
Kimberly Dudik, Missoula
Lisa Jackson, Missoula
Molly Reader, Bozeman
Joe Sullivan, Great Falls
Richard Volinkaty, Missoula
Tom Ebzery, Billings
Gale Gustafson, Conrad
Jennifer Lutey, Missoula
Sarah Norcott, Helena
Molly Reader, Bozeman
Helen Thigpen, Helena
Kara Thompson, Conrad


Board of Trustees Liason:
Leslie Halligan, Missoula

Contact us:
Peter Nowakowski, staff


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