State Bar of Montana
Gallatin County Law Library Book Inventory
(April 21, 2003)

Pacific Reporter
Pacific Reporter 2d.
Pacific Reporter 3d. through Volume 58

Atlantic Reporter
Atlantic Reporter 2d through Volume 760

Northeastern Reporter
Northeaster Reporter 2d through Volume 736

Northwestern Reporter
Northwestern Reporter 2d through Volume 618

Southwestern Reporter
Southwestern Reporter 2d
Southwestern Reporter 3d through Volume 28

US Supreme Court Reports Lawyer's Edition through Volume 152

Federal Reporter
Federal Reporter 2d
Federal Reporter 3d through Volume 190

Federal Supplement
Federal Supplement 2d through Volume 196

Federal Rules Decisions through Volume 88

American Jurisprudence through 1999

American Law Reports
American Law Reports 2d
American Law Reports 3d
American Law Reports 4th
American Law Reports 5th
American Law Reports Fed

* All through 1999??

ALR Index
ALR Index 2d Later Case Service
ALR Index Blue Book

Pacific Digest
Pacific Digest 2d
US Supreme Court Reports Digest Lawyer's Edition through 2001

Federal Practice Digest 4th through 2001

Proof of Facts

Am Jur Trials

Restatement of Torts
Restatement of Trusts
Restatement of Property

Montana Constitutional Convention

State Reporter Advance Sheets

Martindale Hubble through 2000

USCA through 2001

Montana Code Annotated
78, 79, 81, 83, 85, 87, 89, 91, 93, 95, 97, 99, and 01

MCA Annotations Revised Code of Montana 1947

Administrative Rules of Montana
Montana Administrative Register

Words and Phrases through 1999

Wright Miller through 1999

Am Jur Pleading and Practice Forms through 1999

Shepards US
Shepards Fed (current)
Shepards Pac (current)
Shepards NE
Shepards NW
Shepards Acts and Cases
Shepards Atlantic

Montana Sessions Laws through 1993

Montana Law Review through winter of 1999

Uniform Laws Annotated
-Business organizations
-Business and Finance
-Estate and Probate
-Family Law
-Criminal Procedure
-Civil Procedure

UCC Legal Forms
UCC Anderson
UCC Bender's
Nichols Eminent Domain


Attorneys Medical Deskbook
American Law of Mining
Patton on Titles
American Law of Property
California Evidence
Photographic Evidence
Jones Evidence
McCormick Evidence
US Lawyers Reference Directory
Criminal Defense Techniques
Criminal Evidence
Manual of Criminal Forms
Criminal Trial Techniques
Intoxication Test Evidence
Constitutional Rights of Accused
Search and Seizure
Wiretapping and Eavesdropping
Evidentiary Foundations
National Consumer Law Center Materials
Handling Drunk Driving Cases
Law of Confessions
Evidence in Child Abuse Cases
Defending White Collar Crime
Professional Responsibility
Recovery for Wrongful Death and Injury
Collier on Bankruptcy
Jury Instructions California
Jury Instructions Illinois
Attorneys Textbook of Medicine
Murphy's Will Clauses
Products Liability
Automobile Design Liability
Law of Liability Insurance


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