State Bar of Montana

Montana Attorney Admissions & Character & Fitness


Rules for Admission to the State Bar of Montana

Montana Board of Bar Examiners Rules

Rules of Procedure of the Commission on Character & Fitness

Montana Rules of Professional Conduct

Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement


Summarized Changes to Montana Bar Admissions Process

Montana Bar Examination Statistics (as of 5/1/13)

Admissions Monthly Calendar

University of Montana Graduation Requirements (excerpt)

State Bar of Montana 'Application Clinic'

NCBE article:  "Character & Fitness Investigations:  The Electronic Application & Other Minor Processing Miracles"

Sample NCBE online Application

NCBE 2013 Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements (national statistics)

The Uniform Bar Examination:

7/3/12 S.Ct. Order adopting the UBE, the Montana Law Seminar and increasing the minimum passing score

NCBE article:  "The Policies Behind the Portability"

Map:  Adoption of the Uniform Bar Examination (as of 1/18/13)

The Montana Law Seminar:

Implementation Plan for Educational Component (10/2012)

Board of Bar Examiners Submission of Plan for Implementation of UBE & on-line Testing Component (3/2012)

UBE Jurisdictions Requiring Jurisdiction Specific Component

The Character & Fitness Process:

Character & Fitness Commission - Purpose & Procedures

Character & Fitness Flow Chart

Character & Fitness Stipulations Guidelines

Sample Stipulation

NCBE CF Jurisdiction Requirements Chart

Lawyer Assistance Program:

Lawyer Assistance Program Annual Report

Office of Disciplinary Counsel & Commission on Practice:

ODC's 2012 Annual Report

ODC Conditional Admittee Discipline (as of 5-28-13)

Supreme Court:

Clerk of the Supreme Court Role in Bar Admissions & Regulation

2005-5 Order Attys Seeking Reinstatement to Active Status

Supreme Court Orders re Admission and Character & Fitness



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