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Annual Meeting resolution proposals due by July 31

State Bar of Montana members who would like to propose resolutions for adoption by the membership at the 2023 Annual Meeting must be received by the bar by July 31, 2023.
The bar’s Past Presidents Committee will review proposed resolutions for scurrilous or defamatory material and ensure that any proposed resolution is consistent with the bar’s Constitution and Bylaws (unless the resolution’s purpose is to amend the constitution or bylaws) and orders of the Montana Supreme Court.
After reviewing a resolution, the committee will make a recommendation that the resolution pass, not pass, be modified, or that it be transmitted without recommendation.
Please send proposed resolutions to State Bar of Montana Past Presidents Committee, c/o John Mudd, P.O. Box  577, Helena, MT 59624; or as an 
attachment to an email to with the subject line “Member Resolutions.”