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Water Law Section


Section Leadership

Chair: John Tietz
Immediate Past Chair: Bina R. Peters
Incoming Chair: Meg Casey
Secretary: Rachel K. Meredith
Treasurer: Breeann M. Johnson
At Large Members: Roberta J. Bergeson; Andrew S. Gorder; Katelyn J. Hepburn; Oliver J. Urick; Jeremiah D. Weiner

This Section's purpose, objectives and activities, while complimentary, are distinguishable from those of the existing Natural Resources Section, and therefore merit having a Water section apart from the Natural Resource Section. The reason for this is that Montana Water Law is unique in and of itself as evident by the fact that water has its own Court. This section is designed to focus on facilitating the member's understanding the activities of not only the Water Court, but also the Water Resource Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, but also the legislature in order to enable members to more effectively advocate before these bodies. The depth and breadth of water law across the different bodies make it essential for a section of the bar exist so members can more narrowly focus on the issue in this field.