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Candidate statement for Samir Aarab, Area D Trustee

I am running to retain my position as the Trustee for Area D so we can continue the work to preserve our voices at the Montana State Bar and to maintain our independence as a self-governing profession.

The primary function of the State Bar is to govern access to our profession and the conduct of those in the profession. It is a privilege to rule ourselves and we hold a position of trust and significance in our communities and in our judicial system.

As lawyers we are required to appeal to reason for the force of our arguments. Logical thinking and careful deliberation are cornerstones of our jobs. To desire objectivity is a virtue. At times this can feel difficult but I believe that as the representative body for all attorneys in our state, the State Bar should be guided by those principles. If re-elected I am committed to continuing that work.

Samir Faerevik Aarab