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Lawyers elected to 2023 Montana Legislature

Six Montana attorneys won election to the Montana Legislature in Tuesday voting.

The following lawyers won election to the House of Representatives:

  • Bill Mercer, R-HD 46, Billings, 64-36 over Democrat Tim Warburton;
  • Ed Stafman, D-HD 62, Bozeman, over Republican Marc Greendorfer;
  • Laura Smith, D-HD 79, Helena, 61-39 over Republican Keith Pigman;
  • Tom France, D-HD 94, Missoula, 56-44 over Republican Rebecca Mapston;
  • Katie Sullivan, D-HD 89, Missoula, 62-38 over Republican Gary Wanberg;

The following won election to the Senate:

  • Shane Morigeau, D-48, Missoula, 64-36 over Republican Jason Van Horn;
  • Andrea Olsen, D-SD 50, Missoula, 72-27 over Republican Nick Knowles.

The 2023 Legislative Session is scheduled to run from Jan. 2 through approximately April 28.

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