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Anna M. Kecskés, candidate for Area F Trustee

Anna M. Kecskés

I'm a returning candidate for the Board of Trustees because I've enjoyed the tasks and responsibilities set out for the Board of Trustees and I hope to serve another term doing so.  As lawyers, our day-to-day tasks take up a great deal of our time and energy (sometimes more than we even know or would like), but the details affecting the legal profession aren't always at the forefront of our minds.  The Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee specifically put time aside into ensuring that we have thoughtful discussion about the smaller details that affect all of us.  From CLE compliance and our electronic accounts, to planning the annual meetings and remaining engaged with all sections, the Board and Executive Committee volunteer their time to make sure that these details don't go unnoticed.  I'd like to continue to serve in that capacity and would appreciate your vote.