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Brian J. Miller, candidate for Area F Trustee

Brian J. Miller

In Montana, there is presently a movement afoot which is fixated on attacking and denigrating the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession in general. Although lawyers and judges are easy targets, those of us who take the law seriously and understand its value know that it is a key element in the regulation and success of a peaceful, civil society. We also know that an independent judiciary is an indispensable element for functioning liberty.

Like many of you, I have been appalled by this recent turn of events.  To date, the State Bar has taken the position that it has the luxury of remaining mute in the face of such indecent assaults.  I don’t believe it is reasonable to maintain this fiction any longer.  The rule of law demands a certain level of maturity and self-restraint if it is to prosper and when people violate those norms they must be held publicly accountable so that the people understand what’s at stake.  In times like these, institutions such as the State Bar must vigorously defend judicial integrity if it is to remain meaningful in the real world of human affairs. 

If I am elected as your Area F Trustee, I will push as hard as I can, in a manner that is civil and professional, to ensure that the State Bar steps up to its responsibility of being the defender of our cherished judiciary and the rule of law in Montana.