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Incumbents win in state District Court judge elections

Incumbents won re-election in all 11 state races on Montana ballots in Tuesday’s elections.

In the only contested District Court race, the Honorable David Grubich was elected to the unexpired term he was appointed to in 2021 by Gov. Greg Gianforte. Judge Grubich held off Michele R. Levine, who was appointed to the seat by previous Gov. Steve Bullock, but whom the 2021 Legislature refused to confirm.

The following judges were retained in other races:

  • The Honorable Chris Abbott, District 01 - Dept 4 (Lewis and Clark and Broadwater counties)
  • The Honorable Jason Marks, District 04 - Dept 4 (Missoula and Mineral counties)
  • The Honorable David Grubich, District 08 - Dept 1 (Cascade County)
  • The Honorable Dan Wilson, District 11 - Dept 4 (Flathead County)
  • The Honorable Danni Coffman, , District 11, Dept 5 (Flathead County)
  • The Honorable Brett D Linneweber, District 13 - Dept 4 (Yellowstone County)
  • The Honorable Mary Jane Mccalla Knisely, District 13 - Dept 6 (Yellowstone County)
  • The Honorable Peter Ohman, District 18 - Dept 1 (Gallatin County)
  • The Honorable Andrew "Andy" Breuner, District 18, Dept 4 (Gallatin County)
  • The Honorable Matthew J. Cuffe, District 19 - Dept 1 (Lincoln County)
  • The Honorable Howard F. Recht, District 21 - Dept 1 (Ravalli County)